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About McLaren Labs

McLaren Labs brings MIDI and Musical applications to the Raspberry-Pi and Ubuntu computers. Our aim is to make music-creation more fun on inexpensive and small computers. Our apps are easy to use and also use the latest multicore technologies to provide high performance.

Our product, rtpmidi, lets you send MIDI messages over a computer network using WiFi or Ethernet. The rtpmidi protocol is already build into Mac computers, so this utility makes it easy to network your musical Raspberry Pi with your Mac. It is also possible to use rtpmidi with PCs and Android devices, because this protocol is available on those platforms too.

We also give away some small Apps. These are just for fun! Read about one of them here: Pi-Organ-Synth. This application was built from the ground up for the Rapsberry Pi Model 3B+ and is available for free to the Rapsberry Pi Community.

About Network MIDI

Share Synthesizers and Keyboards across Computers

Network MIDI lets MIDI-enabled software communicate by sending packets over your network. Just as file sharing enables one computer to use the files on another, Network MIDI enables synth-sharing over a network. Use this when your synth computer is already hooked up to your audio system and you want to use a MIDI keyboard or controller that is on another computer.

Because Network MIDI is built into Mac OSX, you can use a Raspberry-Pi or Ubuntu Linux computer to send MIDI information to your Mac. This allows you to "play" Mac synths from your Pi. You can also use a cheap Linux computer to "bridge" USB-MIDI keyboards and controllers into your Ethernet network.

More about Network MIDI

Why RFC-6295? RFC-6295 (alsa known as RTP-MIDI) is a special protocol for MIDI information. Other systems (like OSC, for one) use either UDP or TCP protocols directly. UDP packets have low latency, but their delivery is not guaranteed. TCP messages are guaranteed to be delivered, but system buffers can introduce unmanaged delay.

RTP-MIDI is built using UDP packets but introduces an error-correction algorithm. This algorithm detects when UDP packets have been dropped and recovers the information in a musically-friendly way. This means that if a Note-OFF packet is lost, that note will not stay "stuck on." The protocol will detect the missing Note-OFF and recover. This method gives the best experience for live performance.


What you can do with rtpmidi

Play a Synth on a Remote computer
Rasberry Duet
Play Duets across a Rasberry-Pi Network


For detailed information, you can read the Installation Guide and User Manual.


MIDI Events Supported

Recovery Journal

tolerate network loss

Note-ON, Note-OFF

attack and release with velocity


control real-time pitch-bend

Control Change

control synth parameters

Program Change

select different voices

Sustain Pedal

intelligent damper algorithm


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Download these free tiny Apps from McLaren Labs and have some fun!
(We provide free Apps to give back to our community.)




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