rtpmidi in action

The animated screen capture below illustrates the rtpmidi program in action.  The rtpmidi program allows two computers to share musical MIDI events in real time over a network connection.  The RTP-MIDI protocol is a standard implemented on Mac, Windows and Linux computers.  You can use McLaren Labs’ implementation of the RTP-MIDI protocol to create musical networks of computers.
What we see is the following.

  • A remote computer named “Ubuntu Laptop” appears on the network.  (See the left panel.)
  • The remote computer creates a new session with us and becomes a “Participant” in our network.  (See the “Participants” panel.)
  • The two computers synchronize.  (Note how the new participant changes from Yellow to Green.)
  • The remote computer begins sending MIDI Note information to us.  (See the latency graph in the bottom right.)

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