New releases – Raspberry Pi 4 and Ubuntu 19

Along with the recent release of McLaren Labs rtpmidi version 0.5.0, we have new ports to Raspberry Pi 4 Raspbian OS “Buster” and also Ubuntu 19.10 “Eoan Ermine”.

We are especially excited to release the port to Raspbian “Buster!” The Raspberry Pi 4 has more computing power and higher bandwidth connectivity. This makes the Raspberry Pi 4 even more exciting for music and media creation. And now, with McLaren Labs rtpmidi you can send MIDI messages over Ethernet and WiFi to a Raspberry Pi 4.


McLaren Labs rtpmidi Version 0.5.0

This month McLaren Labs releases rtpmidi version 0.5.0 for Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi. This release brings some great new features, and also provides a few performance and installation improvements.

More MIDI message types … including SysEx

McLaren Labs rtpmidi has always supported the following message types with full Journal capability for sending and receiving. (Note: The Journal is part of the error correction mechanism that recovers lost messages that occur when sent over a network.)

  • Note On, Note Off
  • Control Change
  • Program Change
  • Pitchwheel
  • System Reset

With this release, we also add the following to provide a complete set of MIDI message types including System Exclusive.

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